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12 junho

Conteúdo da avaliação
-There´s a cow. There isn’t a fox. (student´s book page 33 and workbook page 23)
-Is there a cow behind the wall? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. (student´s book page 36)
-Where´s the goat? It´s behind the wall. (student´s book pages 32 and 33)
-Vocabulary about farm animals. (student´s book page 36)
-Vocabulary about things at the farm – bush,wall,rock,fence – (student´s book page 36)
-Prepositions of place – behind, at/on the farm, next to – (student´s book pages 36, 37 and 39)
-Vocabulary about the senses (see, touch, smell, hear, taste) (student´s book page 38)


12 junho
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Profª. Jacqueline Dos Santos Silva Soares